Panasonic SR-MS183 10-Cup Rice Cooker

To cook rice is a real tough task if someone is a non professional chef like me. But Panasonic has solved this problem. As I was never good in cooking (specially rice dishes), my colleague who was facing the same problem gave me the advice to use this mini rice cooker. At 1st I thought it would be again little tough to understand this gadget. But to my surprise it was so simple that even a little child could handle it easily. That was a sign of relief for me. The second part was little tough as my fingers were crossed to find out the result of rice. Then to my surprise when the rice got cooked, it was way above my expectations. Perfectly cooked no meshing or breaking of rice, no starch marks on the bowl. The texture was intact.

It can be a long list if we start to write down the best features. Some of the very important features that makes it stand apart from its competitors are the capacity of cooked rice is up to 20 cups. The color is white which gives it a clean and glowing look. The display is in orange LCD. Inner cooking pan is black bottom dimpled coated with aluminum. Push button lid cover. The micro computer controlled with 8 menu options. The menu options for rice are white, brown, sticky and quick cook. And the other menu options are steam, slow cook (up to 12 hours), cake and porridge.

The pre set timer is for rice only i.e. one can set the finish time up to 24 hours in advance. The Panasonic SR-MS183 also comes with the auto shut off function. The “keep warm” time is 12 hours in which the lid heater and the side heater do their job.

The inner lid is removable and the display is very easy to read. The lid is push button release. The start and keep warm function is also equipped with indicator lights. Accessories contain the measuring cup, rice scoop, steam basket and a detachable chord. One feature that I like most in it is the multi-lingual operation instructions which makes it the best choice for people of many nations. It comes with a power supply of 120 AC that is 60 Hz. The dimension of this machines is width 13in, depth 10in, and height 9 in.

 In short for me and for a large family even this is one of the best kitchen item that can be put into use, not only that it can also be given as a gift as in this fast pace life time is the most important thing that one has to take care of. We cannot afford those old traditional ways of cooking like stove-top cooking as it consumes a lot of time and this quality and taste varies every time it is cooked. By using Panasonic we are absolutely sure that we will be enjoying the same great taste every time we cook it.